Psy-phi on this subject for middle school kids

From the second part of the series

Crescent is a gene-tweaked mercenary programmed to fight to the death. When she’s captured by Crater Trueblood, a miner turned soldier, she can’t understand his kindness. Maria Medaris, once Crater’s girlfriend, has become a ruthless competitor in business and in life.

This is just pure fantasy though, right? Haha! Here’s one that’s more realistic


The one above is actual reality, as is this, which Trump signed recently

The following is fiction again

Shooting helium into orbit, sounds sweet. I mean, if you’re going to be a prole…

If you’re going to spend most days in the same room anyway…

I bet you’ve never thought about this the thousands of times you’ve looked up at the moon

Here’s where we are

And by “we” I mean us, China, and India – and by “us” I mean

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