As much as I’d like to make my abode on the dark side of the moon just to screw with the people on earth even more, it probably wouldn’t hurt to land close to somewhere rich in iron.

And then there’s also something that goes by the acronym KREEP in high concentrations on the moon, approximately where the iron is too

K and P, if you’re a chem novice like me you’re probably wondering what the hell we could possibly use those for. It almost sounds like a miracle

Now what’s this thorium stuff anyway?

Eh, I’ll… take it? I guess?

What we need is materials that we can use to build mining robots so we can mine more materials, and so on. We’re not going to get very far landing there with a few shovels, and those bucket-wheel mining machine should will be costly to bring there due to the weight.

Once we have one or a few of these there we can use them to mine materials for the creation of more robots (muhaha) – a self-sustaining settlement is obviously the goal, and that will accelerate once we can entertain the “golfer” demographic. And eventually, like the Motorola example I’ve used, even the non-rich will be able to vacation there for a price that isn’t exorbitant, and probably even start their own patches there, offering nuanced forms of entertainment (what other sports would be fun utilizing the peculiar gravity of the moon?) I saw a picture earlier of a clear dome that could house an amphitheater for instance- the ideal place for plays adapted from some of our favorite sci-fis. Lunar theater crews, I can see it now. Technological renditions of Shakespeare, live-action satire of the foibles of the peoples and governments of earth. Forested domes with a view of the old planet for psychedelic trips. Underground CRISPR labs free of earthly laws.

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