Following Deleuze in defining philosophy as the creation of concepts, the pathos of distance is indispensable. Neech theorized this first, and it was refracted through Land in his distance from the alt-right if you might remember. You need living people to help you understand ancient ideas. Twitter and the rest of the media represent modern ideas.

The pathos of distance is one of the pulls to new countries. Our volk is intrinsically so individualistic that they will hate the sound of someone talking about our volk. No we don’t exist, individualists who all agree on certain maxims. We’re not one people, obviously, you’re in the tribe that promotes elimination of individualism. You might as well be if you haven’t been ostracized yet. You hate people thinking whatever they want because that would probably make you feel bad in some way. That’s the hidden meaning of the left. You live on the same level as animals in some way and thus you relate with the detritus of the globe.

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