You claim to try to help them then you only accept them at the level they’re at which doesn’t do anything to help them

The reason Africa is Africa is because they don’t know how to raise kids right, all they do is fuck. And the white progressives who are relativists and believe every value is the same as every other value tell you that wedlock kids grow up with good education and no crime. That’s what you’re bringing here when you treat all cultures as equal-or-else, kids who grow up with single moms who are total whores in the most pejorative sense, women who can’t raise kids right and only perpetuate their garbage-consciousness, that’s what you get when you say all cultures are supposed to be in America. Niggers who grow up thinking that fucking is the meaning of life and white profs agreeing that it doesn’t matter what you fuck, as long as you’re fucking, a truly noble people without any flaws. You fuck apes and systematically deny it, a part of your brain isn’t there. All apes care about is fucking, not about the offspring that result, that’s why Africa is Africa.

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