There is a hidden link between democracy, leveling, class, socioeconomics, and education, that they seek to keep hidden. Through the forced equalization of cultures and races in America, what they are really doing is normalizing certain poor social classes, which tend to divided on racial lines, and thus normalizing the poor education that often goes with being poor. You don’t have to look at through race, that can always just be seen as a glaring “correlation”. To think about it more clearly take this thought-experiment- instead of the black lives matter movement, imagine it was the poor lives matter movement, and to get even more accurate about what’s hidden, imagine it was called the uneducated lives matter movement. We’re witnessing a forced equalization of uneducation and education. “These are the same!” screams the left. The cultures are the same. The recently jungle to slavery to poverty culture is the same as the centuries of schooling culture, that is what the left would like us to believe with all this. Sorry, all I see is people trying to force us to believe that those recently from the jungle, slavery, and now a post-jungle/slavery impoverished lack of education are the same as us. I refuse to identify in any way with these jungle slaves with no education, which is what the equalists demand, that you identify with their culture. This doesn’t have to be racist, poor social classes simply tend to be “poorly” educated too, and only fools would want to be like them. Leftism in the present day, without all the subtexts and pretexts, means the enforcement of ignorance, and the concealment of the fact that it is ignorance being enforced, a post-jungle post-slavery ignorance being enforced through the psychological conditioning that we are equal.

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