He estimates it will take 200 years for speciation – that’s too many years from my perspective!

150? That sounds better.

Why am I one of the only people who tries to reduce these years? It’s so dismal.

See what I mean, show me another book like this

The anticipated biological and cultural paradigm shifts involved with exit. Next to no one even talks about exit, let alone these things. Dismal, dismal.

Talking about genetic engineering is simultaneously talking about theological and aesthetic engineering, we will create a people with higher sensibilities of divinity and beauty (again, nothing on this in the CRISPR literature still in its infancy) or my pet-favorite, truth. The occidental will to truth is looking like it might be forced to develop extra-terrestrially, though I do like the idea of seascrapers too – one can anticipate with the latter hostility from the bug governments and their peoples who from me only invite grimaces and thoughts of total genocide.

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