Man this is still going on? Imagine being a leftist living in Chicongo, talk about thoughts of cognitive dissonance

Wet ass pussy, looters, former slaves whose freedom is palpably questionable, people who need the charity of everyone telling them they matter, wet ass pussy. The perpetuation of people who don’t matter, that’s what the left stands for.

Yknow, I wasn’t always so opposed to you people. Back when I only discoursed with Colleen Ryan it was different, I used to have more respect for you then, because I thought you were simply ignorant and thus forgivable. What I’ve learned since discovering I have readers who know as much as I do is that most people were born with the worst instincts that they can never be rid of, no matter what education they get. Can you try not to wince when I say the following? I’m just describing the state-religion to you- it’s aristocratic to be able to speak of a full-spectrum rangordnung. It’s the mark of a bean-sized mind and petty, vindictive spirit to only bring up monkey dicks. It’s a clear sign that most are already monkeys themselves. This isn’t controversial to me anymore, I had some doubts in the days I was talking with Collen Ryan about it, and when neechski was purely theory. I have a great deal of anthropological evidence now that the slave-revolts of history did happen, and most people alive today are the products of them, and that we’re experiencing a further slave-revolt now. Anyone who can’t or won’t speak of rangordnung, the antithesis of the state-religion, is a slave without a soul. That is a matter of settled fact.

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