One of the rare moments I see something that makes me think some educational institutions are okay

It’s tragic that people tend to be so blind to the advantages of exit because they’re precisely the ones we want to exit from.

This seems like the reasonable first step in ISRU development

Roads, then schools… Schools on earth here first, for roads then schools there… I try to post a certain kind of “road”.

Eventually a “cheese catapult” before the schools too. This is an idea from that Gunpowder Moon novel

There’s also the idea of using the moon as an offworld gas station, converting the waterice to fuel, many have theories on how to do that

We could also use the “catapults” to send the fuel into orbit, for a more conveniently located gas station.

I still like the idea of magnetically pulling an asteroid into orbit- use robots to carve that into a proper station. We could also send an asteroid rich in iron to the moon’s surface to extract for materials to create mining robots since it’s so expensive to ship metal from earth. The initial stage of ISRU is the most difficult because of the weight, there might be ways to route-around it.

There’s also the indirect factor of “fueling” innovation acceleration with all this

Who knows what we’ll invent during the process of getting to something as advanced as the following

Let alone what we’ll invent once we have that.

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