I can’t get enough of pictures like this

A study, a lab, distant from earth, with friends who have similar ships some distance away.

Maybe some of these if we get bored

We could work among the semi-intelligent robots, wave to them like at an AI plantation. There are ideas like this that aren’t written in sci-fi terms. Remote-controlled building of the initial lunar base (takes approx 2 seconds for radio signals to get to the moon). From there, closer control of the robots outside. I’m sure there are gamers who would be pros at this. Virtual escape, planetary escape, why not both?

The robots would do most of the work, building the landing pads and other proto-bases while we operate them and dine on lobster paste inside. Eventually we could have a lobster farm. Some suggest we should send self-replicating robots up there. Imagine if the robots in the above picture could be designed to be slightly redesigned by us after they’ve created the proto-bases, to use other material they dig up to 3D-print parts for their own replication. Proto-base building robots that can also create more proto-base building robots, who have it in their programming to create more advanced bases.

Ideally, domes such as these would be connected by vestibules

We could probably eventually use jetpack-equipped robots to design a dome above them all, eliminating the vestibules, leading to the first lunar village.

We might have to wait for AI to develop further

Marx’s dream of the elimination of exploitation could happen here with the automation that is driven by the necessity of the climate.

This is a subtitle I absolutely hated reading and pondering the concept of

You’re always going to be exploited if you affiliate whatsoever with the conformist populations of the earth. There will eventually be an umbilical cord moment, our own Declaration of Independence. Self-replicating robots seem key to getting to that

Now shift that thought away from “Earthocentrism” – thousands of self-replicating solar panels for the moon, self-replicating factories for the moon, utilizing not much more than light, dust, and water-ice. 14.6 million sq miles to work with

Mars would be better of course for multiple reasons, this just seems like the natural testing-ground on the way to that.

We would build ships like this on the moon to take our genetic-augments to mars

Getting to Mars first would have a psychological effect on the government-bound larval cultures on earth, so there would be that, which is important- as for an immediate exit settlement to escape the deluge of anti-intellectualism of the vengeful post-slave majorities, the moon seems to be the pragmatic location.

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