When Biden drops dead and Kamala Harris ascends to queen of the free world, that will make sense. Approximately 45% of the world population is a ~brown woman like her. It will be for the sake of brown women outside of the US more than it will be for the ones here. Globalists believe that they need self-esteem in order to rise above their condition, and someone they can identify with like her being in charge of the so-called most powerful country on earth would be perfect for that. This is how white christian folk help the needy. The downside is that ideological maneuver will contribute to the already dire relativistic attitude of us 10% whites of the world. “There will be no negative side, just shut up!” There will be. They don’t care though, we’re only a minority of the world, and they think globally in terms of numbers. Even half of whites (women) will like a woman president obviously even if she is brown. Meanwhile the less than 5% of white males in the world who have anything resembling post-animalistic culture will be further marginalized and demonized for causing brown women in particular low self-esteem for merely existing and not living primitively. Ya heard it here first!

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