After I read yesterday about Afghanistan in the early 1970s, and the hippie presence there, I realized I don’t know much about the history of the place. Younger people in 2050 asking us what it was like during 2000-2020 probably will notice that we’ve been at war for most of that time – what would you tell them about the Middle East?

First thing I notice is their borders and not just borders with the former USSR

Is Russia indirectly relevant to the region, with a similar China/Vietnam dynamic?

If not Russia, Pakistan obviously is, by border as well as by blood

Blood and ideology?

I wonder what life was like for the Pashtuns in these days and what led to them being at war with us

Speaking of blood

Isn’t it peculiar that the war on terror has taken place in two regions on the opposite sides of one country?

Seems like Iran is just randomly placed

Then you see something like this and wonder, Is it?

Anyway, why was Afghanistan so prominent in the beginning of the war? If you were a troop in the M.E. right now, where would you want to be?

Just kidding. Then again, if you’re out in a desert surrounded by terrorists, maybe I’m not kidding. The hippies in that Leary biography were strung out on heroin. It was portrayed in 1973 as a more peaceful place than our stereotype of it, that’s why I found it strange.

Any kind of questions raised in your mind when you see this?

Sooo it’s not just Mexico, or even primarily Mexico

The flows

Isn’t this odd in the context of 9/11?

They’ve been growing poppies for hundreds of years, what changed in the last 30?

A connection between poppies and 9/11?

Aw, I wonder if anyone’s written a (sympathetic) book about this

One of the best memes ever

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