Still preoccupied with Afghanistan today, sorting through info I’ve found

No one likes to hear the practical solution to these problems. WW2 didn’t just damn Germany, it damned the rest of the world too. What would be best is for…

White autocrats to take over these regions. What, do I remind you of Bush? Well he was right in some ways. People who are steeped in the Quran can never be elites in any sense of the term. It’s similar with Marx. People who are raised with Muhammad or Marx are designed to create countries that people will want to flee from. Dugin is always on my mind too- I’d advise you make him one of your “offsite twitter friends” even if you don’t tell anyone about it. There’s a difference between US imperialism and reactionary imperialism. If today’s leftists took over Afghanistan to help them, what would they do, invite cannibal populations? That would help the country a lot I’m sure, you people are true brain-geniuses. Coups in countries with starving children would ideally supplant tyrants in order to implement non-prog policies. I mean, do you want to help these kids or not? I don’t think you do. All progs care about is Hitler was an evil man! When the reality is that the best thing for many of these countries is a white autocrat with a surrounding team of intellectuals well-versed in German, Greek, and other philosophies. Do you want to help them or not? People who’d invite recent cannibals to the country obviously aren’t the ones to expect to have a valid opinion about this question.

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