Ahh so that’s why I like geopolitics so much- it’s the science of boden, and boden is blut.

This is from a great book, Prisoners of Geography. One might with fairness subtitle it Prisoners of Genetics.

I’ve clicked out of that science of space settlement book like four times and I keep remembering something useful from it, lots of looking at the world with new eyes moments in this too.

Probably the most racist table you’re going to see today

He cites a book with chapters like this

Of course it discusses skin color and not brain adaptation to varying climates and geographies. BRAINS ARE THE LANDS THEY ORIGINATE FROM.

It’s probably so abstract to most when I talk about offworld speciation.

If a different altitude caused such drastic speciation, what do you think a different planet is going to do to us?

I was listing off differences in my head and I entertained the naive thought for a second that the moon say would differ from earth because there won’t be borders, or enemies, or wars.. so naive. If we managed to play our cards right somehow we might be able to secure the entire moon, in a similar way that Russia has so much land and only populates a fraction of it. Especially if we started making billions off the cheese catapult system, that’s when China would mimic us and proceed to claim ~half the land (do you want to call it “land” anymore, I don’t, we need a new word), or divvy it into thirds with India. I just found another nonfiction star wars book so I’m glad I’m not the only one thinking about these things

There will likely be geopolitics on the moon! Lunopolitics. Best to think ahead about these crazy things for future strategic advantage.

With self-replicating robots, the moon could be covered faster than you’d expect. Self-replicating war-robots… christ.

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