Watched this again

This looks to be about as bad as things got

Golden Horde during that time – Islamic. Ottoman Empire – Islamic.

When I look at Europe I think “Jesus Christ”. It’s an understatement to say that he was the most important person there. He defined Europe until recently.

Thinking back to my megalomaniacal post from last night implying that I wanted to be the king of Afghanistan, when I see the geopolitical (georeligious) situation above, I see the encroachment of a belief-system that is hostile to higher forms of life- so, the opposite of my suggestion for Afghanistan. While it’s controversial to say, if you disagree with the following, simply leave a reply pal- Greek/German philosophy > Christianity > Islam. Christianity besides being valuable in itself, was also tolerant enough to allow for philosophy to emerge.

When I look at Europe today I don’t see Jesus Christ. I see Adolf Hitler with a red slash ban sign over his face. Maybe I’ll concede to you that that’s preferable to Islam, because once again, like Christianity, it’s somewhat tolerant enough to allow philosophy to emerge. On the other hand, and once again, like Christianity, I don’t think the anti-Hitlerian religion is superior to Greek/German philosophy. So, similar to 1432 above, kudos for keeping Islam (mostly) out. Unfortunately, despite the relative merits of progressivism, it still seems mediocre when juxtaposed with a hypothetical “state-religion of philosophy”.

Here’s another time when it was looking bad for Europe

Hey, Marx is one of the Germans I’m speaking of above. Why not add five or so other philosophers to the mix, and why does he have to be the neo-Jesus, how about all six have an “equal” say, how would you like that for equality? That would be an evolution of Europe beyond Christianity and beyond progressivism. The path it’s on now is in the direction of something approaching the crudeness of Islam.

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