Didn’t know this, always thought it was the Arabs

The Catholics and Orthodox must have been feuding fiercely if this was the case. What were the specific doctrinal differences that must have caused this isolationism? I bet we’d find them funny whatever they were. I’m sure historians looking back at our left vs. right schism today will grin too. Anyway, 1453 these scholars dispersed into Europe – most of these following figures’ birthdays probably aren’t a coincidence

Be it via direct or indirect influence. The article I pulled the initial quote from has an air about it like the Byzantine Empire was scrubbed from history. Another date that doesn’t seem like a coincidence, and one which most of us are more familiar with

All I have to say is

Thank You Byzantines! (Press TY to Thank).

Whoa, this one’s on the level of scandal

“You haven’t even been using the original language of your most sacred text, and you think you have the right interpretation?” I actually saw a similar point made by Guenon the other day and I refrained from sharing it because I thought it would be too cruel

That is to say, there is something suspect about the orthodoxy of the Orthodox as well

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