I know it intrinsically sounds “larpy” when one brings up the subject of a new religion. That’s because the religion most are presently devout worshipers of inculcate skepticism about this very idea. For instance, if I were to casually mention the idea of creating a new religion to you I expect your reaction to consist of two distinct emotions- first, What is wrong with the current religion? and second, Who are you to amend it even if it were imperfect? The first question doesn’t even warrant a response, because of how obvious the moral and logical inconsistencies of progressivism really are, and to the second question my response is- I’m someone who is serious about acknowledging the errors involved in the prevailing belief-system, and am gravely concerned with the fate of the world if they are not immediately corrected.

Call me unrealistic all you want, a New Religion is needed in the west. The most fundamental building blocks of liberal democracy need to be shifted and adjusted.

I’m not trying to be a cult leader or something, I just think many people can agree that the most sacred ideas our society is built on are not going to lead us to a cognitive atmosphere that our descendants will find ideal. Talking to Euros is like the proverbial herding of cats, everyone always has to be so disagreeable – that is a reason to be racist against Euros. You individualists like me, we all know this is true, that our culture is on the trajectory toward doom, it doesn’t need to be a “cult”, we all just happen to perceive the same obscure reality. It is a sort of “new religion” in its beginnings, with lots of people who disagree of course, as white folks are wont to do, as is their nature. We should make this new religion less vague than an implicit consensus. I believe certain things, and if you’re here after all this time, you probably believe similar ideas. We need to bring about a schism from the modern-day “church”. Otherwise people like us, who have a SUPERIOR UNDERSTANDING OF DIVINITY, will be marginalized and erased by that church from humanity, like so many people similar to us have throughout history.

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