Westerners aren’t the only ones with “early stage globalism syndrome”

Part of Republic… What would they leave out?? Ahaha. You could probably get detained pretty easily over there for teaching Plato alone. Even though there are similarities between his thought and their government-

If Xi asked me, no western media should be allowed over there that’s not older than 100 years. Okay okay Twin Peaks maybe.

I’m exaggerating. Though, could you say this is wrong?

Morality-building shows, that would only have bad effects in the US, right?! For anyone who’s soul isn’t already thoroughly corrupted, the policy here is inverted. Immorality-building shows and other media are the norm.

That the CCP might be slow in translating Plato whilst operating with a Platonistic government doesn’t necessarily not follow from Plato. It isn’t always for the best for bronze and silver souls to know how government works. Then again, our own government (that is to say informal government, the cathedral) is platonistic in this understanding too, hence why they ban people who blab secrets. That’s what a good deal of the so-called right-wing is- ranging in purity, gold-souls who exotericize esotericism, don’t let “political stances” confuse you, that itself is an esoteric understanding of politics in the US.

What would it hurt to translate Plato, he’d probably just sit on shelves and collect dust like over here anyway, I can’t imagine that the Chinese are much different from Americans in this regard

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