Just been scrollin thru muh boys on the right column here


I wish there were more websites like that. I implicitly trust Russian websites for better or worse- I figure that whatever instinct those russiagate nutcases had, being the pluto-demos that they were, the opposite perspective is probably more reliable. And so far I’ve only confirmed that again and again. It’s important to understand that the mob is you too. If you start from the standpoint of elitism it’s easy to deceive yourself. The mob, the pluto-demos, when that voice arises in your consciousness–as “me”, as “I”–isolate it, designate it as a contaminant, and shoo it away. Or crush it mercilessly, depending on how masochistic you want to get. You are the mob. That’s the first step toward stopping being the mob, recognizing that. Anyway, with the Russians, our naturally inherited (Christianly-selected) pity-response is only peripheral, or at least it’s peripheral in the context of nearly every other, if not every other, culture on earth, rather than so overwhelming of our reason to cause blindness, a shutting down of the rational faculty. This is due I believe to our delight in seeing the fall the USSR, our enemy, the enemy, thee enemy of liberal democracy, since we’re all devout liberal democrats, right? I respect them for being in the space race with us. That pity still lingers for me, I just respect them as a people about 100x more than most, and not only for space, for literature too. ThEy’Re So EvIl! No, they’re similar to us, that’s why there is this spirited reaction to them that involves pre-reflective nationalist impulses. I imagine dirty rabble chanting at a rally when I see russophobia. That isn’t you chanting, that’s the country chanting, that’s liberal democracy chanting, there’s no “you” there.

The Kremlin 🤝 me

The Kremlin 💰 me

I’m kidding. A true cosmopolitan wouldn’t be so up in arms about Russia- one of the most telling hypocrisies of the American logos–its fundamental illogic–was revealed a few years ago during all that, it’s just interesting anthropologically. People forgot all about that pluto-demotic media/nutcase campaign and think they won’t try to meddle with this election too- the real meddlers. Still no response to this I take it? (I could link to 10,000 of my posts and ask you that.)

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