A female Russian’s interpretation of a Golden Age Muslim’s interpretation of an Ancient Greek, now that’s my kind of feminist multiculturalist intersectionality

“Al-Farabi taught about the opposite of the Virtuous City – cities called “non-virtuous”. They were subdivided into: ignorant, deluded, and immoral. In addition, the philosopher writes about individuals, comparing them to animals (“beast-like people”), which, while in the City, served as a kind of weeds or tares in the wheat. On the question of what to do with them, Al-Farabi is adamant: 

“Those of them that are like domestic animals and can somehow be used in cities should be kept alive, enslaved and used in the same way that domestic animals are used. With those of them that cannot be used or harmful, they do the same as they do with other harmful animals. The same should be done with those of the children of city dwellers who turned out to be bestial.” 

This is one of my favorite books of all time, if you want to know more about these Arabs

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