Poor girl, I wonder what she would have been like if she grew up to be an adult – oh well. If any living Jewesses are a sign, it was for the best that she was exterminated. Unless one wants to put on that nazi uniform? Otherwise I see no redeeming lesson to this story of bioleninism. They could redeem their race any second, and instead they continue to provide ample reason for why the holocaust happened, strange, strange indeed. If you’re lucky we’ll keep you in a vat for later tests. -cyborgs talking to one another- Remember that era of history when Abrahamism was still on earth? That was crazy. They thought Jews were a divine people who they couldn’t question, even though they were leading them to shtetl-life as revenge for driving them out of so many countries because they couldn’t accept the divine word of Christ, let alone the science and philosophy that Christ led to. That was a crazy time! They really were unable to criticize people of The Book, that old Programming Manual of the Human Species.

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