Escape to Europe research mode, gonna spam ya a bit

Significant bigbrain standard

Interesting, creative people to talk to, that’s all I fucking want jesus christ! -calmly adjusts tie of my suit that I always wear while posting- excuse me. That’s going away in America.

Other things that matter

This map is just miserable to look at. Do better

“You can’t measure any of these things” – oh sorry, here’s the map you’ve been waiting for, on the one thing, the only thing in the world that can be measured about humans

Those French have 16-inch dicks wtf?? So sick of all you people who pretend the maps above this one don’t exist, it’s not a good sign.

Another important one

Something else that’s going away in America, individualism. See what’s south of europe? Herd-conformity, everyone thinks the same, not good, I will shoot you in the head over this and jack off thinking about your blood and brains outside of your skull later that night. Anyway, farewell for now.

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