Progs won’t stop here

“You ain’t black.”

This is black

They won’t stop there either, because you know how their reasoning goes- “It’s time.”

What do you mean “it’s time”?! It is not time for that! It should never be time for that. I don’t understand what you mean by “time”.

There will be a correspondence with culture, that’s what’s at issue here. It’s the normalization, the universalization, of the way of life, first of the mexichicken-lookin Harris, then the true ebony ghetto way of life next. What cultural relativism really is in practice is the covert absolutization of a particular culture, often a culture that permits all forms of baseness, of laisser aller, of letting go, of anything goes, and of giving up on lofty ideals. You think America is bad now HAHA the plan of the progs is open-borderism which is to say that they want white america to fuse with the world, that is the meaning of globalism- synthesis. Pathological hatred of the wall concept is the telling symbol of our time. The heroin and meth and the people that bring it here are also symbols, just as surgical masks are symbols. It’s an unequivocal sign that they don’t care what people bring here. All they care about is global synthesis. They don’t care if people bring the cultural equivalent of fentanyl here. In fact many do. Smuggled fentanyl is a symbol for covert appropriation of third-world culture. Biden “tragically and unexpectedly” buying the farm and Shocked and Aggrieved Harris addressing the nation as the first female president on live TV as all the patriot hearts swell! Because It’s Time, and it feels so right. That’s just the next step in the downward spiral of culture. Let’s be real, I’m probably moving somewhere in Europe, there must be a place there that’s not as bad as the US. Then again, the US is the role-model of the world, a fat ebony cripple president is the telos of liberal democracy, the US is merely going to actualize it first, and others will need to keep up otherwise they clearly have a dim awareness of secular divinity and the nature of “time”.

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