Need to find some books on these senseless persecutions that were published before the 1940s

You kikes will spend your last living moments in a dumpster if I have anything to say about it.

“Yeah, well we didn’t like them either.”

What a proud history

And guess who is lucky to have close to half of those poor emigrants now

Does this sound familiar?

I’ve never seen one single Jew try to explain why, not a single one, never, not-a once. Zero, not one (1) time.

I wonder why they’re more relaxed about this over in Europe

There must be detailed history books written prior to the 1940s that could help us understand today. Anybody know of any? There must be at least a couple books for each of these dates

Books on expulsions between 1600-1900 would be good too, we need to write an unbiased genealogy on the most prominent ones.

Wiki is helpful, heh

What’d ya do this time?? Same thing as the last time?

A goddess

Wow, these need their own pages. “Why does this keep happening to us?! One time afta anuddah.” It’s a mystery.

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