The Doogmeister is at it again

He lists the enemies of the Cathedral-

Saudi Arabia

And uses France’s neo-Sartre (((Bernard Henri Levy))) as his ideological foil.

No one else talks at the level of discourse that Dugin does. I know this Slav is a blank-slatist, that doesn’t matter, a race-realist will expect that the muslims and chinks aren’t able to produce intellectuals. Did I say that! Sorry! Something special about a history of Christ is the looks of it, and the jews missed out on that too.

Think of these five countries he lists in the context of the globe.

Do South Americans align with liberal democracy (pluto-demotism)? To some degree. The ones with any brains are using their post-savagery for money and glory and women with the sales of drugs. Plato would not approve. They don’t have a Plato in those parts, we might change that. I’m looking at these five and thinking, How did I find myself in a place where I sympathize with Muslim terrorists, Russian thugs, and Chinese gulaggers more than I relate to my own country? That’s a sad fact. Similar to a recent post I made, there’s a rangordnung here between rule of philosophers > these five > liberal democracy. Yes, if you wanted to ask, I might actually prefer to live in Saudi Arabia than New York City, a lot of the worst people I’ve ever known have been from NYC, if you’ve spent more than a year there your life is pretty much over. Continuing with this thought of these five in a global context, it’s also no surprise that Dugin does not mention any African countries. How many of them do you actually think are “good leftists”? Probably not any. They need the help of the Cathedral itself in order to be a threat to the US, which renders them part of the Cathedral.

These five we’ll have to study, to see what about them is such a threat to them. Because an enemy of an enemy, after all.

Leftists are getting their wires fried by reading this- “I hate America though!” No, you’re a basic bitch american patriot rofl.

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