Mercator projection

Makes me think even less of that potential Greenland deal. Even less of South Americans and Africans too. So much land, squandered. To this day, too.

How did they do so much with these patches?

“Shut up, that’s what all the of the establishment is based around hiding! Didn’t you get the memo?”

What, don’t you like when I do this? Feel dizzy sometimes?

-laughing like a crazy person-

Remember those uncontacted tribes?

Preserving more advanced uncontacted tribes is part of Dugin’s project

Russia itself is a kind of uncontacted tribe.

The most peculiar ones seem to be the Muslims. When you think of Russia and China isn’t one of your first thoughts “Marx”? They’ve been thoroughly “contacted”. Can’t say that about Saudi Arabia.

A bit different from these humble cannibals, eh?

Appropriate the technology and not the ideology of America the Great Satan, we could learn from the Saudis in this way.

We tend to see this as a goofy style of clothing- I don’t think so.

Charlie boy, your country is run by the rabble and rich jews, nice suit though?

This is why I like the Russians, because they’re still similar to us, yet have an “uncontacted” quality about them.

Seeing maps like this a bit differently yet?

Let’s ask this indigenous tribesman Александр Гельевич Дугин what he thinks about this

We are convinced that the war in the Middle East is a fight for oil. This is not true. The war in the Middle East, like any confrontation in the world, is a fight for Ideas.

One of the first images I find when I search for Iran

The Moscow-Tehran-Riyadh axis vs. the Washington-Jerusalem-London allies, I wonder whose side I’m on??

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