Breivik, Dugin, and–whom?

The genius behind al-Qaeda and ISIS apparently. Strange you never hear about these people. That’s what I woke up thinking about, my statement from last night, which was pretty harsh- that a race-realist could expect a genius from Russia, and not from Saudi Arabia, and I wanted to prove myself wrong, so it’s nice I found al-Suri, who was born in Syria- close enough.

Damnit though, look at him

Doesn’t exactly look like this other one named al-Suri in the middle here

I wanted to stop being racist so bad too! Anyway, here are the chapters of the book I initially mentioned

Conservative Revolutions: What’s at Stake
I. Identitarians: Anders Breivik
Breivik’s Struggle: 2083 – A European Declaration of Independence
Mad identity
Divided public
From protest to resistance?
The bad world out there and the perfect world of the family
Norway’s Breivik
Breivik’s followers
II. Eurasier: Alexander Dugin
Neo-Eurasians – an alternative to the West
From the fourth political theory to the conflicts of the future
Putin, lunar and solar
Illiberal fraternization in the east
Collaboration in the West
Web propaganda and cyber war
Trump ante portas
III. Jihadists: Abu Musab al-Suri
Alias: Bildungsroman of a most wanted one
My fight today?
News from Londonistan
From al-Qaeda to the Islamic State
Can Europe defend itself?
Critique of the exterministic lack of reason

Yes yes yes this is exactly the type of “Muslim terrorist” who I want to learn from

An avid reader, with an encyclopaedic memory, he impressed acquaintances with his knowledge of literature, classical music, history, politics, and the sciences

“What are you doing? What kind of American are you? You’re a traitor!”

Fuck you retard I’ll bomb you, the US is the ground zero of nihilism and whoredom of the world, congratulations, keep blindly supporting this “beautiful jewel” of a country idiot.

No no, I don’t plan on bombing anyone, just ask my lawyer. I do however have interest in reading a couple 900-1600 page books by this al-Suri person, for research purposes.

Here are 60 pages of excerpts I found buried among Western articles about it. Imagine if he was as smart as Dugin! 👽 views of the world- NEED.

Well I guess this is a start

Jim Lacey, ed., A Terrorist’s Call to Global Jihad: Deciphering Abu Musab al-Suri’s Islamic Jihad Manifesto (Annapolis: Naval Institute Press, 2008) is a condensed version of the entire book.

Two of his main treatises are titled The Global Islamic Resistance Call and The Islamic Jihadi Revolution in Syria, neither of which I can find a copy of in either Arabic or English.

Here is a recent essay about him. The Jiang Shigong of the Arab World, nice to make your acquaintance. It will have to be mostly indirect for now unfortunately.

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