Saudi Arabia travel advisory

Here I was thinking that my newly-realized counter-cathedral pals, Saudi Arabia and Iran, were themselves pals, no no no no, there’s so much more world outside of our stupid nationalism globalism debate here.

Wait, so let me get this right- a minority of the population has control of the gas and oil there? Zoom out now

So, I can imagine they hate each other for this reason (among others). “Dude they’re not your pal, they’d decapitate you with a sword over there. They hate each other and they definitely hate YOU.” I don’t care, they’re right about some things that we’re wrong about. “Like what?” People don’t like to hear it. Carrying on

These two probably hate Americans so much, we can’t even imagine

They struggle to control these areas themselves, meanwhile we’ve had troops there for 20 years, CIA for even more years. They’re in a Cold War with each other, and might as well be with us too since we interfere with these regions they border. How would you like pasty-faced Christ-IDOLATERS standing around with guns? We can’t even begin to imagine what that’s like. This has to be on their minds

They probably see it as a Holy War, Book vs. Book vs. Book.

Meanwhile, Land, Dugin, and I are cladistic Platonists, each our own kind of Sunni or Shia worshiper with our preferred Books observing these other clades.

Allah, The Good, Being, Gnon, Rangordnung, it’s all a religious War of Ideas- that’s how my religion interprets it anyway.

Who asked you to speak, woman? Only joking, only joking, a woman would be lucky for me to care enough about her to beat her anyway. These people are simply awful

At least they’re honest about it. The following ones in red don’t claim to be democracies

And the rest do. How many of those are actually democratic? China? Ahaha. The US? Right…

Notice the Vatican is red on that map? “European Islam”- that’s closer to my liking.

They have their biases against each other similar to the way the different European countries do probably, they’re just not “tolerant Christians” like us

The Human Development Index could be somewhat helpful for understanding the conflict between Middle Eastern nations

This is a Western bias of course, because some of them believe that education is harmful, and they may be right. The West didn’t reach its current state of depravity because it stuck with one Book after all.

I hate these prots and at the same time feel like a super-prot for hating them

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