The Iranians must have a sense of nostalgia about this

We rootless Americans wouldn’t understand that, would we? The idea of the ancient Persian Empire is a head-trip for me personally because Socrates was born in 470 BC, and generally about 400 BC is what I regard as the true “Year 1”. So the Persians to me are kind of like how Christians see pagans.

“Equality” had a different meaning in 500 BC

The Persians attacked the Greek mainland in the 490s and they warred for about 50 years. At the end of that conflict was when things changed in the world. Nietzsche called Socrates “the one turning point and vortex of so-called world history” and he was right in ways that he never explained. Without Plato and Aristotle, Europeans would probably be pretty close to the Middle East or China right now in 2020. Islam and Buddhism without any rationalism or science on the side explains why they are still third and second world peoples. The Christian tribes wouldn’t have been much different without recurrent “remembrance” of the pre-religious texts of antiquity. Yup, 500 BC, those were different times, before humanity truly rose above the level of animality. Most countries still haven’t woven the Ancient Greeks into their cultures, for shame. Many appropriate the technology that they indirectly developed though. I’d suggest that they forget the Greeks and incorporate someone they influenced, then I think “Plato is irreplaceable” – my favorite German for instance is missing certain levels in contrast. The key to helping the developing nations of the world is the Ancient Greeks, cladistic or not. The problem is that people who spoke their ideas would be scapegoated, as they are even in the US, the most powerful country in the world. So crypsis is required- Plato knew all about that. In the US we are returning to the level of culture of 500 BC, steadily steadily, every day there is a new sign of this.

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