Some of the posts I make are a sort of request for a field of study or book because I wish they existed. At the moment I’m contemplating the different “moods” that the ancient Greeks inspire depending on the generation. My three favorites are Homer, the tragic poets, and Plato, and it isn’t easy to rank them because they all taught me something unique. Homer and the tragic poets engaged the emotions moreso, and Plato the intellect. I envy anyone who hasn’t read the Greeks yet, I wish I could again for the first time. They define literature, art, and philosophy for me, in that order. Phenomenologically, you can feel the first two in the chest-region, near the heart. Call that cliche if you’d like, I don’t see anyone else talking about that. You can feel Plato in the brain. Art and philosophy differ in this sense. You need to have both. Religion is a form of art, and cultures that only have that exist on the level of emotion. There’s something different about the ones that “feel” using the brain. Neither Confucius or the Buddha facilitate that, only Plato and his followers do. This explains east vs west. In the Axial Age there was a shift from Hinduism to Buddhism in the east, and one from Homer to Plato in the west, and only the latter was able to escape the corporeal realm of the world.

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