Don’t do it, don’t do it, you’re going to regret it

UAE domino effect?

kaliyugacity. They despise their fellow Muslims so much they would really actually ally with the Jews, that is some true bitterness. Who wants to place a bet? By 2050 half of Saudi Arabia will be “secular Muslims”, progs of Moloch. Saudi Arabia has close to double the GDP of Iran, while Iran has more than double the population of Saudi Arabia.

The last Shia stronghold

Our War in Iraq was probably no coincidence in the context of this religious conflict. Did you know Iran is one of the only countries the US doesn’t have diplomatic relations with? 40 years it’s been that way.

Post-Soviet Azerbaijan is Shia-aligned only in name so not the kind of true ally that these southeastern Iraqis are.

“Wouldn’t it be nice to have all of this”, Israel thinks in the back of its head

Arabs are “the goyim” too yknow, they see them as even closer to cattle than Euros.

Worldly temptations that will lead to doom!

Saudi Arabia isn’t too far from France in terms of how the West rates “first world countries”

Iran isn’t too far from Mexico, to give you more context

Why does this have to be at the very end of the list, out of all countries

The Saudis will be gradually tempted

Just further isolating the true enemies of the Cathedral that Dugin pointed out.

They’re all probably waiting for the Supreme Leader of Iran, who is currently 81 years old, to drop dead.

Interesting genealogy here- the one on the right was influenced by Alfarabi

Coincidentally, he was the one who overthrew the 2500 year Persian regime I mentioned last night, merely decades ago. So Socrates finally made it to Persia?? To what degree is Plato present there I wonder.

This is unreal

In fact, candidates for all offices are screened — pre-selected, really — by an entity called the Guardian Council

Still, it depends what types of souls they have, I’ll have to research more into that. And if their Supreme Leader is a philosopher-king–I’m not getting my hopes up, this is really interesting though. That Russian woman condenses Alfarabi pretty well here. Most people are so allergic to these things- she’s a polymath apparently. Let’s just say, after a history like this I don’t expect many Farabians to have survived in Iran

Is that so racist to say? Or is it just realistic? Think of this characteristic of Russian Orthodoxy in contrast.

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