I’m shocked. Whoa! I’m so shocked right now.

From that Iranian newsite. Seen a few strange perspectives there.

Farsi has an elegant look to it, we probably miss out on nuances with google translate

This is what our friend’s language looks like. One of the only Abrahamic Monotheists who stands up against the foundational Book. Even our “secular” Christian fellows can’t do that, we owe the Iranians some props.

If you think that the different Revelations don’t play a significant role in our world today you’re simply confused, or under the spell of one of these Books to be confused.

Looks like flights between Saudi Arabia and Tel Aviv have been granted, somewhat surreptitiously

Tel Aviv to Dubai is next 🤑

Have to tell ya, kinda startin to sympathize with Iran

>fellow aryans

I’ve known a few Persians personally who mentioned that, I wonder what truth there is to it. Possible final Aryan standoff against the old testament menace that should’ve been vanquished centuries ago.

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