I’ve just happened to notice that even the seemingly adventurous ones don’t talk about the things I talk about. What are you trying to save? The life you spent as a shill? “I can’t believe those things because then the herd would hate me.” – And you find value in the worst type of humanity, why? “It’s because it is the fashion trend today.” Ah so you’re brainless. I have thoughts about Amish women to be honest- if modern women are basically future cat ladies and nothing else, then it’s better to think about other options.

“Are you flirting with me or do you want to kill me?”

You could prove that with a single post. You are all controlled, anyone in the public sphere. You’re part of the religion of lobotomy. Prove me wrong, otherwise you’re fit to be poisoned to death among those like you, yes.

Well? Prove me wrong. Post something to do with caste. You won’t because you intrinsically have the soul of a coward, you can only align with the state-religion of the time that is the easiest possible way to live, because that is the kind of soul you have. Bananas without monkeys! You have shown yourself to be one of the monkeys. Keep coping, pest. Your brain isn’t even allowed to be criticized because the world has taken such pity on you.

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