What ever happened to that Irish girl I found cute? Her account is gone. What I learned from her is that careerism is the bane of my craft, it’s impossible to align intellect with money, you have to pick one, and she picked the latter. It probably also didn’t help that I was so mean to her too. “Every Irish woman is a three leaf clover”, something like that I remember saying—I was just joking!—for early-stage equalists that’s too much, it was a mistake to think I could be so questioning in this early-stage, and now we all have to pay, for promethean reasons.

I just expected that people were able to talk with me on my level, and years later they’re still not. Mostly revenge-retaliations for telling them realities. They’ll read this post itself and retaliate with revenge, I have them down to a science. “BLM!! America!!” – that’s all based in illusion, get over it. Caste is real and anyone who says those things is objectively in the part of society that is too stupid to deserve a vote – objectively.

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