Saddam Hussein had this etched on a plaque on his desk

I’m willing to guess that it wasn’t antipersianism that the US was concerned about. That was the title of a pamphlet written by his uncle in 1940, which he started using in 1981 as a textbook for school-children.

Remember this guy? Probably not, he was killed on Christmas Eve fourteen years ago

Whoops, he’s young here. You can probably more readily identify the young version of this guy

Ctrl+f the word “present” on this wiki page. How many wars do you count going on right now? As of 2017, we have 6000 military personnel in all of Africa.

Notice how they don’t even bother with the Congo? (I’ve been meaning to make a post on that Paradise.) Alright, so I’m going to ask you to sit back and relax and forget about everything we’re taught in the US about race for a second. If you were asked where the most violence and unrecorded crime in the world takes place, what continent would you think of first?

“Unrecorded crime, what’s that supposed to mean?” It means some places are so bad we can’t even keep track.

Those Asians countries in the gray on the right have different reasons than Africa for being unrecorded, I’m sure. Looks like it’s getting a bit better and a bit worse in some places of Africa

Notice how the armpit of Africa here is the same color as Iran? That’s Cameroon. All this to say that there’s something conspicuous about our presence in the Middle East.

It’s almost like we’re there to protect something

It’s almost like we have an anti-Israeli country surrounded or something

I wonder what our plans for Iran are?

What I want to know is, if Israel had been established in the armpit of Africa, would we have occupied the surrounding area for the last 20 years? Trying to “stabilize” it?

Seems like there are other places on Earth with a more pressing “need for democracy” and the help of our troops, eh?

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