Looks like a few Chinese people were dismembered and burned in Zambia this summer.

What, can’t immediately decipher how this statement has a logical connection with my previous post?

The Chinese are pragmatic. They’re not biased by WWII or the politics of Abrahamic Monotheism. Without WWII and our history of Judaism and Christianity and exploitation of primitive nations we’d be developing Africa right now. That would be smart, we would probably make a lot of money doing that, besides helping them. That’s why the Chinese are doing it.

The Chinese are able to look at the continent more like capitalists, unlike us white “Volk”

We’re still self-flagellating over all this today.

This is what it looks like, and reading it will be no surprise to you, because you already know without having to look it up

Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for about a third of our total aid budget – about 25 cents per person per day in the U.S., by contrast with daily defense outlays of more than $5 per person… Health and humanitarian aid represent more than 80 percent of U.S. aid to Africa and are supported by many Americans.

This is how a capitalist would look at this patch

How do you think “our enemies” see it?


Meanwhile what were we more focused on “investing” in during that time?

Some estimates are that it’s a 7 trillion dollar price tag 🇮🇱

The pragmatic ones understand there’s so much land to use on that continent

The following gives us a clue on how creators of a neo-patch would think- energy and transport

Remember those six things I isolated in this post? “banking, media, oil, mining, leftward government influence, and oy vey” – those merchants have the right idea pretty much. You need energy and transportation first. Americans are allergic to this kind of thinking. “No, we need to help prevent malaria wahh boohoo!!” We could do that and still make money. We could probably learn from China the so-far ideal places for that

Now consider the above in the following light

Don’t like to think with a monocle?

They aren’t able to make the most of the continent

As with many things- if we won’t, China will. Let’s see, 17,400 divided into 300 equals 58. 58 times more money for — schools. Yes, schools. Not our own advantage haha schools. “Shut up! Don’t think that way!”

Some reading on this

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