laughing heartily and resoundingly as I realize I’m suggesting a new form of slavery. Nah, I would like to help them too, I’m just not much of a charity person- that’s a waste when we could use the money on technology, art, and posthumanism.

When I imagine someone being suicidal enough to publish my favorite posts as a book, I realize one of the “chapters” I had most fun writing was Seasteading. Just because I’m one of the only people who talks about it doesn’t mean it isn’t a live-option. All the technology is already there–for pretty cheap–and the ocean is already there (for free), the only thing that isn’t there is the mainstream awareness of it and the will to begin. I see seasteading as the working synthesis between earth-contentment and space-migration. It could help Africa.

Now think of how that looks in the context of ocean

“We know you don’t care about helping Africans you POS!” The jig is up, you’re right, there’s something in it for me. We could manipulate the pathological altruism of westerners in order to show that seasteading is possible and works, and that would accelerate us to the point of realizing we can do it in our own countries.

The most understandable example in this context

We could emulate the Chinese. They’ve obviously scoped out the places they’re least likely to be machete’d, and the places with the most potential for growth and -cough- exploitation of resources.

Notice the ones on the coasts

And scroll up to the initial freedom map. We could develop factories and the like, and also use those factories to develop seasteads, in effect eventually selling them freedom. Angola, one of the least free places on Earth, with 1000 miles of coastline. Or we could start with something more modest like the “Democratic” Republic of the Congo’s 25 miles

Juuuust enough to escape. If anyone wants to live outside of the Congo they can work to build buoyant homes, and eventually we’d have a couple cities in the Atlantic, probably with their own schools and modified government system. And we Westerners can learn from it.

Isn’t this map a joke to you?

All this land might as well be in red if you ask me

We help the most responsible and ambitious people of the Congo escape and there could be a ripple effect. An “island” in the Gulf of Mexico seems plausible.

Evolved government = evolved ethos of the citizenry. From a seastead we’d focus more on better art/media/education, CRISPRnauts, me space diamonds n moon cheese too. And once we’re off earth entirely our ethos will change even more drastically.

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