They coup’d this guy in Mali yesterday

I always think I have a pretty good idea about the countries of the world and then I realize I know next to nothing about some of them. It’s easy to cluster certain countries together when they border each other and think of them as the same country, in a way. You do that at all? Then when you research more into it you start to see the distinctions.

Keïta studied at a few universities in Paris, earning a master’s degree in history, that’s interesting. Without knowing anymore details that sounds pretty ideal for a leader of an African country, to 1. be an African and 2. get a non-western education.

In 1991 he founded the Alliance for Democracy, a Marxist-Leninist political party. Who knows what “class-warfare” is like in Mali! Brutal tyrants, literal slavery, if I had to guess? I don’t judge “Marxists” there the same way I judge them here.

Anyway, the military mutinied against him. It’s useful to learn about different countries because they indirectly help us understand our own. Did he deserve the mutiny? Eh research it if you want, one of my prime goals isn’t to be a Mali expert.

Human Development Index-

Mali’s HDI value for 2018 is 0.427— which put the country in the low human development category— positioning it at 184 out of 189 countries and territories. 

Your first thought is probably, “Alright, he probably deserved everything he got.” Then you have to consider this

Between 1990 and 2018, Mali’s HDI value increased from 0.231 to 0.427, an increase of 84.7 percent.

So, isn’t easy to say, need to know the history of the place. Imagine having these at your borders for instance HAHA

Makes me grateful to be bordering Mexico, that’s a rare feeling.

Just for fun, I want to know what the leader of Mauritania is like.

Wow. He’s a Sufi who has memorized all of the Quran.

Things are a bit different in other places of the world, huh?

So, how about that Angola place I mentioned seasteading off of earlier?

João Lourenço, a polyglot who studied at the Lenin Higher Academy in the Soviet Union. Marx is freakin everywhere, isn’t he? These people need neechski’s help too, among other thinkers.

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