I love geopolitics. So you’ve heard of a mountain-wall, how about a desert-wall?

About half of Africa lives on what we could think of as this “peninsula”. The sea is a wall to the south and west, the desert is a wall to the north.

Think it’s a coincidence that Italy just so happens to have this mountain-wall?


Want to explain the great kingdom of Ancient Egypt? Desert-walls to the east and west, a sea-wall to the north, and a river

Northern Africa, must be nice, a natural desert-sea-wall.

Why were India and China able to develop distinct cultures for thousands of years when they were so close?

Note the mountains here, Socrates had never even heard of China

The ones who were too fried by the sun or frozen by the cold–couldn’t do much thinking.

So then you might ask, what is the excuse of the indigenous tribes of the southeast US, southeast South America, and southeast Africa?

In the southeast US, no wall to the north or west

In southeast South America, no wall to the north

In southeast South Africa? Not enough space.

Their population density today

All this to say

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