Amidst this Israel-UAE deal, I’d like to offer my own deal with Jews.

Let’s start with cladistics. Some Christians and some Jews are neither Christians or Jews anymore.

“Of course, all that religion is nonsense.” – Then explain why I still see it in people. They can deny the label, it doesn’t matter- they still act like how their dogmas are described in the scripture.

Northwest of the Australian coastline is also a location post-biblical people should consider. Some people escaped the Books, and the atheism-reaction of the “books”, which is contemporary leftism, and we are our own kind of people in mentality. Even Muslims have these types of people. They are living in a place that doesn’t allow them to think freely.

Jesus Christ was a Jew that caused a profound schism in Jewish history. That is the standard I use when I interpret the Jews living today. You can’t even defy all your fellows? It’s because they stayed so closely knit that they avoided those who inherited the Christ gene. I still believe in you Jews. If you wanted to prove you didn’t deserve the Holocaust you’d write a joke favoring Hitler instead of Anne Frank.

“Some Jews were actually Europeans more than they were Jews…”

So what would be the implications if they said that? Global rangordnung causes conflicts. The Arabs for instance would fight that interpretation to the suicide bomb death. Christian > Jew > Chinese > Muslim > Jungle

Pretty serious distinctions here, I wonder which ones can interpret it without emotion and with reason instead.

Remember, this is a post about how we could make a deal with Israel, outside of political correctness, meaning their control of the discourse that is allowed without you being thrown in prison.

Christian > Jew > Chinese > Muslim > Jungle

Democratic alliance

Among Christians we have our own democratic alliances

Proles, whores

People whose opinions don’t matter because their ability to think is similar to the jew/chink/muslim level.

Are you ready to make a deal with me, Isreal ir however you spell your name?

No, you’re not, most of your population is still living in this fallen level. I genuinely want to help you, if you want to know what I really think. I want to help Africa, I want to help EUrope and America, and I want to help Israel.

“Smug huh?” I’m very smug, because I have to put your hypothetical statements in quotation marks because you are pussies and can’t ask me questions yourselves.

If Israel can respond to my following question without being offended and without appealing to the old testament then I will admire their patch-

What is the meaning of life?

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