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I only half-jokingly paint the Iranians out to be allies. Islam is not our friend, it never will be. We have the same enemy, that is all. Evola on the contrary offers a system of thought that has legitimate potential to be appropriated by euro rightists. Of a certain sort anyway. I’ve noticed that Anglos don’t praise Evola as much as others for instance. Probably something to do with that mountain-wall and that sea-wall if I had to guess. Let’s put it Schmittianly, an enemy of Evola I consider my enemy because he is one of the only viable enemies of the Cathedral. I can think of five names, he’s one of them, and he might even be the top 3 most dangerous people today if you forced me to be even more precise. So if you don’t like him that’s just a sign to me that you’re part of the Cathedral, many such cases. I think of Dugin for instance who is something of an Evolian himself, and his Fourth Political Theory has nothing on Evola’s (this from the linked text)

Dugin won’t often express this (Nietzschean) idea, he’s too much of a populist. That’s why from my own fourth political theory perspective he’s still too similar to the other three, namely liberal democracy, which intrinsically needs to flatter The People. What I find valuable about Dugin is that he formalizes the need for a fourth political theory, that he at least provides the form, if not the content, for one.

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