Fundamental to my beliefs is that the freespirits of all races should be allowed access to the icy heights of realpolitik if they so choose to seek that knowledge. That is banned from their minds, as it is banned from the minds of those europeoples who could potentially teach them about it.

Master/slave-perspectivism is the opposite of relativistic. It is the claim that rather than having merely “different” perspectives, one is absolutely wrong. This is the meaning of caste and why our establishment and its clones are so hostile to it. All of the different gradations of caste perceive the others’ perspectives as absolutely wrong. Only a certain kind of caste is actually right to perceive the others as wrong.

I have a type of sympathy for the races of the world that isn’t the same as most of my coethnics. Our discrepancy revolves around the concepts of self-esteem and improvement. Researching the tyrannies of Africa earlier, I can’t say self-esteem is what’s going to help those poor people. They need to be yelled at and told they’re being stupid, if anything. Likewise in the US.

Regarding caste, I will give you an example that I think will help you understand. Consider someone from one of those uncontacted cannibal tribes in the amazon hiding in the foliage and observing white tendencies in a Brazilian city. They will think the Brazilian is “wrong” to be that way. This same line of thought can be applied to white people themselves. Certain castes of whites observing me talk about certain things through the cyber foliage will think I’m “wrong”. We both think the other is wrong. One of us is actually right to see the other as wrong, and in all likelihood that’s not you.

I would like to relay the teachings of Evola and others to those African nations. Being too nice to those people, which is standard policy among whites, is not going to help them. The “goal of democracy” is not going to help them. Democracy is rule of the uneducated mob of a corrupt regime. Do you think people living for generations in a corrupt regime don’t turn out to be corrupt themselves? What those nations need is people among them–an aristocracy, if any such thing has survived among them–to be able to tell The People that they’re wrong. That’s the only way things are going to improve in Africa. That is not “democratic”. Similarly, the only way to improve America is for our politicians to be aloof from the parochial, appetitive, self-centered, present-bound demos that has been poisoned by plutocrat-imposed cattle-culture.

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