Another one of the differences between eastern and western non-shudras historically is the method of meditation. We all have this idea of the meditating Buddha, right? The east represents a kind of enlightenment. In the West we have meditated through reading books. The Buddha tells you to think about it, while in the West there has been more of a tendency toward forgetting what the Buddha told you and reading a different book, then another different book, then another- this accounts for the origin of the individualism we see today. Notice how, at the same time, there is a stigma against this type of “western meditator” today. Too much knowledge and pretty much everyone will use you as a scapegoat to feel better about how they’ve only put in a few hours of true meditation their entire lives. A sad sight to see. And they only want people like us who remind them gone so they can feel better about themselves for that. All they have the attention-span for is fast food entertainment like recent movies and shows, and any of the white buddhas who tell them they’re living in samsara get banned, so these meditators of ours have to adjust to the ways of the world so they can at least attempt to speak to these worldly ones, and even they get marginalized so they have to adjust further, until eventually even they are indistinguishable from the world they initially sought to reform with their meditation.

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