Alright, I will give you my take on what the meaning of life is, since no one else will

Goodness is the first factor

Anyone who attacks goodness should be killed without consequences is the next

Goodness is the same as beauty. If you don’t hear the call to murder many people in the name of beauty it’s probably because you’re already part of the forces against the meaning of life.

What is the meaning of life to you?

Give me an answer. Most will be forced to say “making money – what else!”

You are a certain kind of orangutan who happens to wear human clothes as a disguise.

We do not want people like that escaping into space. There is no reason for space-travel if that is the case. “Yeah, we want people who resemble the braindead mob moving our species into space.” They defeat the purpose of it. Which they can never talk about, because they are slaves of the earth. If we want to escape earth we need to determine what it is exactly that confines these total shameless, unmistakable slaves to earth.

What is it?

They want the ones who are not very bright to think favorably of them.

“Is that so wrong?! What is your problem?” – It’s that these people forget about this dimension. I’d rather tell the status quo it lives in hell than allow those kinds of people to escape earth. The point of escaping earth is to escape those kinds of people, have you forgotten? Yes, you have, that is not even something that is controversial anymore.

If you seek to escape this planet, make sure that you are not yourself the planet. Otherwise there is no point to it. Have you learned yet?

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