People who shun globalist realism in their own minds are so lost. One of the immediate ironies of China settling Africa is that–some might not want to hear this–China itself needs to be settled. Try a thought-experiment- imagine if Bolivians migrated there to develop it. China isn’t in as bad a place as Bolivia, no. There’s still something a bit humorous about that. I can imagine westerners with balls going over there and enslaving the chinese.

Don’t you think it’s strange that most people here only know about three Chinese people’s names, if that? Do you even know who their president is? Any intellectuals or artists? Isn’t that a bit strange! 1,439,323,776 Chinese people and no one worthwhile to speak of over here? I’ve been looking for someone like Dugin from there for years, he doesn’t exist, and if he did you’d never know. Wanna know why??

Yeah go help those Africans, after you’ve been lobotomized for decades, if not centuries, if not millennia. And you can expect it to continue into the near future.

There’s a difference between economics and culture

I wonder if this was awkward

If you want to understand the rotating globe that is the mind of the left, think of Harris in this situation instead of Trump. That would be more “sensitive”, wouldn’t it?

As I said regarding the Iranian election system, the US doesn’t even have a ground to stand on anyway. It’s just a case of the smartest retard if you could excuse my french. Silencing dissenters in China? No no we don’t do that over here at all, we’re a 100% 1st world country, let’s throw a parade for ourselves, bring out the brass band. -Narrator’s voice- “They proceed to unironically throw a parade for themselves.”

That’s just what we need, to have Africa crawling with Marxists. If you asked me, they need Jesus over there. That would help to “manage” them, keep them good people, help keep their minds out of jungle lawlessness, and focus on more spiritual, high-minded goals.

The Chinese aren’t the ideal people to help Africa

They need help themselves. I mean, so does the US, it’s just that there are gradations.

Unless you have a leftist agenda that totally blinds you (which- many such cases) you will find something similar about the following to the condition of American academics

This happened this July. This happened this June in the US

Poor Stephen Hsu, his parents moved here from China, probably for more freedom if I had to guess, and he can’t even get that here.

“Scientists should be ashamed!” – something that is said in a “1st world country”.

Despite that, there is a tangible difference between us and China. Scroll through this post on the difference between us and Russia if you want to get a better idea. At least we don’t have gulags for those who don’t agree with the majority for instance- that’s something, right?

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