Some intelligent lifeforms are born on a planet with a Pangea

They don’t have “globalism” – what must the world be like to them?

What we know of as globalism must have happened an infinite amount of times on other planets. I’ve been thinking about this for a while, it’s just difficult to articulate.

What percentage of the time do the smarter sections of the fractured land-zones try to settle the others, and then feel remorse about it to such a degree that they develop relativistic doctrines, instead of “white guilt” with aliens let’s call it green guilt. And that’s why they never escape their animal origins. Say their version of Africa is called Barbaroo, the puke-green aliens have lived there for 200,000 years, and they’ll live the same as they did for another 200,000 years, and another 200,000 years, so the emerald green aliens might as well have settled there, I don’t blame them, they might as well have enslaved them, maybe could’ve treated them nicer sure, I still don’t blame them. Now they feel so bad that their Pangea drifted into different continents and different aliens developed different ways of life on each respective one that they get pukier and pukier looking by the day. I don’t get that about those aliens.

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