This is such an underrated technological revolution

Google translates 109 languages. Translates more than 100 billion words a day. Most frequently between between English and Spanish, Arabic, Russian, Portuguese and Indonesian. Just another one of those many things recent in history that we take for granted.

It still needs to be perfected probably. Who could say, besides polyglots? I can see on the horizon a book being uploaded to google and instantly translated into 109-1000 languages just as eloquently if not more eloquently than a human translator could. That will just be normal. “What is there some kind of bug or something, my pdf didn’t instantly translate so others in the world could find it more easily.” This is actually a historically unprecedented national security threat. Even for Americans. They don’t want us reading Farsi because uh uh those antisemites! Well that’s too bad then isn’t it. Think that Xi Jinping in his most machiavellian heart of hearts wants his citizens to be able to translate English at the blink of an eye? On a related note, trying to find untranslated pdfs of that Evola scholar now, he’s the foremost one of Italy apparently.

Don’t think I don’t like the idea of some Germans, who are brainwashed more excessively than most, finding my writings and easily translating them to see what an American with relatively more freedom has to say about “the good old days”? Can’t possibly talk this technology up enough. Just needs to be made sleeker, more convenient. Think, you had to sit flipping through one of these for each and every word to read the words of some random foreigner

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