Imagine trying to decipher this without translation technology, you wouldn’t even bother


After two decades of the “War on Terror” there’s something evil-looking about it, no? Suicide-bomb scratchings. Turban Osama AK-47 amoral. You can see from this why our Russian шпион thinks of them as a friend

You don’t see our MSM ever saying anything like this about the 2016 election, and what’s really at stake in the 2020 one- this “deal” as this Iranian calls it

The European Union and the United States were shaken. China and Russia emerged somewhat out of psychological isolation as US international and interactive logic was marginalized around the world.

Trump is everywhere on their site. This is what progs don’t get about their active goal of destroying America. If the US falls, our news sites will merely have Xi Jinping on them, like other countries have Trump on theirs now. Think of China having “international and interactive logic” that isn’t marginalized instead of us. It’s not going to be peace and justice and equality, it’s going to be- we live in a second world country now, great job, who’s to blame, we’re going to find them, that will be justice. You’re all so deluded.

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