What do all these people use it for I wonder

Billions of people could potentially be getting the best education of their country’s history. Internet and internet freedom is key to “saving the world”.

Honestly I never even heard of Indonesia until a couple years ago, and they have pretty much the same amount of people as the US. Let’s see what the internet is like for them

My first thought is “corporal punishment” if you want to know the truth

These kids could be putting Goethe through google translate, just sayin.

This is only the beginning of the road of knowledge for them- this is a good sign, one Indonesian high schooler’s report

That means they’re connected to the world, the world’s knowledge. This is the most populous Muslim country though remember, and that stereotype tends to be reliable.

When a religion that is hostile to freedom of thought acquires technology

I wonder if there are any interesting .id sites, I’ve never seen one

Can’t expect much with their recent literacy

“‘More fairly’, what’s that supposed to mean?” It took four hundred years for westerners to build schools there

The least they could have done IMO. This still follows us today! Excessive rangordnung. Our equalism is a reaction to this. Reactionaries are a reaction to a reaction. See how recent this was going on?

We need people to create .id sites that can help accelerate their education. Infiltration of their social media. Have to be subtle about it or you’ll be censored. Need to find a list of these words

Watching over the children of the world…

More people with internet, with free internet, means more people with access to the library of the west, means the creation of more scientists, intellectuals, etc. in the world, which is good for us as well as them.

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