Thinking about thinking about Indonesia and Africa [sic], the seemingly non or anti-nationalist movements in our country start to appear nationalistic. BLM and Biden/Harris aren’t thinking globally. They’re focused on protecting the people of color of our nation, and those on the periphery on the immediate other side of the border. A constrained awareness when you think about these other countries. Lazy people following American trends, really.

Related- this is intriguing to read after my realization about the implications of google translate tek yesterday

It is difficult for Western scholars to understand the Sinophone world’s interest in Leo Strauss and its connection to Carl Schmitt, not least of all due to our inability to read Chinese.

THIS is thinking globally 🌏

What our enemy has to say about the theorist of the friend-enemy distinction. (What are the chances our diplomats have thought about even 10% of the stuff I talk about- not good?) Also, what does the country par excellence opposed to liberal democracy think about one of our greatest recent critics of liberal democracy (Strauss)? That’s thinking globally. The empathy-range of progs is remarkably limited.

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