The nationalism of the left is understandable- out of sight out of mind. If anything, our establishment keeps the rest of the world out of our awareness because that would cause racist thoughts. 42 million african-americans and 7 billion non-whites globally. The state-religion is based on, what, about half a percent of the world population? When you focus the altruism instinct on that alone your mind isn’t free to think about helping the children of Indonesia get a decent education, among about 500 other projects. Can’t help the world even though we’re in a place to. That’s because there’s something irrational about the extreme altruism here. There’s something egotistic about it. People are so consumed by white guilt that they can only think emotionally. So much for those 7 billion other non-whites, oh well, leftist nationalism pays in money as well as social points and that’s all that matters to these bugpeople.

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